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Make a Dent 2020 Challenge

Britta Mulderrig

January 17, 2020

Introducing our Make a Dent 2020 Challenge

You’ve got big $$$ goals for 2020. We’re here to make it easier to keep those resolutions strong all year.

Here’s how it works: every month, we’ll post a simple suggestion to help you make small payments toward your loans. At the end of the year, you’ll see a big impact—and actually kept your resolutions. That’s a win-win! 

Small change adds up to make a big cha-ching. Follow along on Instagram— @Pillar_app — to get your fresh monthly challenge and smash those goals!

January Challenge

Recruit your friends to help! Through the end of January, we’re doubling all referral bonuses. So you’ll get $10 for every friend you send to Pillar. Having an accountability buddy for your 2020 goals is a great way to stay on track—because friends don’t let friends abandon their resolutions this early.

February Challenge

Throughout February, we’re challenging you to put an additional Lincoln ($5) and a Washington ($1) toward your loans every week. An extra $6 is easy to part with, but it adds up when you do it on the reg!

March Challenge

For every coffee or tea you buy, match what you spend with a loan payment. We challenge you to keep it up for the whole month of March. Believe us, those little changes over time can do a latte.

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