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Michael Bloch

February 8, 2019

You shouldn’t have to be an expert to pay your student loans back the right way.

The student loan industry has remained fundamentally unchanged for decades. Student loan servicers like Navient and Nelnet manage loans for over 44M Americans, yet they are some of the least loved and least trusted brands out there. Why is this the case? These companies make money by keeping people in debt. Every dollar you pay back on your loan is a dollar they can’t charge you in interest. In other words, their interest conflicts profoundly with yours.

Pillar is doing things differently. Our goal is to help you pay off your loan as quickly as you can. We’re building a student loan experience that is customer-first, interest-aligned, and downright delightful.

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Student Loan Debt
Cartoon by: Bob Englehart, Hartford Journal

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